Printing of leaflets and stickers

One of the ways of the advertising companies for various organizations is the distribution of leaflets. Leaflet – a sheet of small size, made in the printing printing method. The leaflet should be colorful and contain all necessary information in a compact form. The purpose of handing out leaflets – is to attract the masses of consumers to new products and services, as well as invitations to events and activities.

Leaflets usually made small format on glossy paper. The small size is provided for the convenience of handing out leaflets, and gloss can provide attractive leaflet. The advantage of flyers is that their production significantly reduces the cost of advertising.

With its small size, flyers should fully convey information to the consumer. Therefore, they placed only the most necessary information. This is the name of the company, the direction of its activities and contact information.

At present leaflet is a very common way to convey information and cheap enough. Employees advertising agencies can help you develop an original design that make the consumer pay attention to your leaflet. This will make your sales more effective.

A variety of labels and stickers are an excellent way to advertise your company. This product is very easy to use. It can be used diversely. You can place labels on the packaging of finished products, so you can place the stickers of various sizes in the transport.

Basic requirements for labels at the moment – it’s their colorful appearance and resistance to environmental influences. Common types of self-adhesive labels are labels and screen.

Such labels are made of a dense thin paper on the reverse side of the adhesive is applied. Very effective to place such products on the cars, it is perfectly visible to many people and does not harm the body transport.

If you want to show the uniqueness of your company, then you need to start with the production of labels. They will help you to bring to your organization a lot of customers, providing you recognition everywhere.

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