How to mark up a leaflet

Leaflet – productive advertising tool that efficiently helps to convey to potential clients the necessary information.
In general, a standard leaflet issued A5, but the need to accommodate a large volume of information can impose an A4 leaflet. In order to draw attention to information denounced by potential customers, you can put your text on one side, and on the reverse side of each post useful information, such as phone taxi service, calendar, etc.

To impose a flyer, you need to think in advance background, fonts and illustrations. Immediately when creating leaflets desirable to employ about three font types. The main headings and subheadings, usually appear in bold or italics. The size of the color of the headlines and text should be different from the background color. Preferable to avoid excessive contrast, for example, placing a light font on a black background, it is worse amenable to read.

Nesting leaflets often carried out using the program Photoshop, Corel Draw and other similar programs for processing raster and vector images. With proficiency in these programs can cope with printing flyers. And in other cases it is better to entrust sverstku leaflets experienced professionals.

To the necessary information to reach customers distribute leaflets in several ways: by posting flyers in places with high traffic of people, with the help of promoters or laying them in mailboxes.
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