How to mark up a leaflet

Leaflet – productive advertising tool that efficiently helps to convey to potential clients the necessary information.
In general, a standard leaflet issued A5, but the need to accommodate a large volume of information can impose an A4 leaflet. In order to draw attention to information denounced by potential customers, you can put your text on one side, and on the reverse side of each post useful information, such as phone taxi service, calendar, etc.

To impose a flyer, you need to think in advance background, fonts and illustrations. Immediately when creating leaflets desirable to employ about three font types. The main headings and subheadings, usually appear in bold or italics. The size of the color of the headlines and text should be different from the background color. Preferable to avoid excessive contrast, for example, placing a light font on a black background, it is worse amenable to read.

Nesting leaflets often carried out using the program Photoshop, Corel Draw and other similar programs for processing raster and vector images. With proficiency in these programs can cope with printing flyers. And in other cases it is better to entrust sverstku leaflets experienced professionals.

To the necessary information to reach customers distribute leaflets in several ways: by posting flyers in places with high traffic of people, with the help of promoters or laying them in mailboxes.
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Printing of leaflets and stickers

One of the ways of the advertising companies for various organizations is the distribution of leaflets. Leaflet – a sheet of small size, made in the printing printing method. The leaflet should be colorful and contain all necessary information in a compact form. The purpose of handing out leaflets – is to attract the masses of consumers to new products and services, as well as invitations to events and activities.

Leaflets usually made small format on glossy paper. The small size is provided for the convenience of handing out leaflets, and gloss can provide attractive leaflet. The advantage of flyers is that their production significantly reduces the cost of advertising.

With its small size, flyers should fully convey information to the consumer. Therefore, they placed only the most necessary information. This is the name of the company, the direction of its activities and contact information.

At present leaflet is a very common way to convey information and cheap enough. Employees advertising agencies can help you develop an original design that make the consumer pay attention to your leaflet. This will make your sales more effective.

A variety of labels and stickers are an excellent way to advertise your company. This product is very easy to use. It can be used diversely. You can place labels on the packaging of finished products, so you can place the stickers of various sizes in the transport.

Basic requirements for labels at the moment – it’s their colorful appearance and resistance to environmental influences. Common types of self-adhesive labels are labels and screen.

Such labels are made of a dense thin paper on the reverse side of the adhesive is applied. Very effective to place such products on the cars, it is perfectly visible to many people and does not harm the body transport.

If you want to show the uniqueness of your company, then you need to start with the production of labels. They will help you to bring to your organization a lot of customers, providing you recognition everywhere.

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Methods for distributing leaflets

Flyer – the cheapest medium of advertising printing. As a rule, for the manufacture of leaflets, use cheap paper, small format, print them very large editions, as the most common way to implement a mass unaddressed flyers leafleting.

A huge number of leaflets handed out at the metro, to stuff the mailboxes. After distributing leaflets customers eagerly await the influx of customers, but are often deceived in their expectations. The main mistake of the customers of promotional products is that they rely only on the number of sold flyers. However, for a successful advertising campaign is not enough. It is important that your promotional material, in this case – a leaflet want to read. And this is not so easy to achieve. Virtually all stuffed in mailboxes leaflets sent immediately into the trash, leaflets also to be handed over to a potential customer into the hands of other places of distribution (most often in the subway) or thrown away, or tuck into a pocket in order to read the leaflet and then, in a more convenient location.

However, leaflets, printed mostly on cheap paper, put in your pocket or bag, often rumpled, and sometimes even torn. As a result, the leaflet becomes so unattractive that it is also discarded. Of course, some of the leaflets comes to consumers and can be read. But if the design leaflets uninteresting, but cheap and poor quality paper, leaflet looks so unpresentable, that is hardly a good advertisement for your products or services.

So what to do? Maybe we should turn to the practice of implementing flyers abroad. Advertising printing developed there very well, and has long tried different types of print advertising and how they spread. Promotional products out there on the number of issued no more than we do, but its range is much wider and the effect of its implementation above.

The fact is that any advertising products abroad, including leaflets, focused on a specific target audience. For example, travel and sightseeing leaflets taken to lay there in the lobby, to distribute to tourists in tour buses, point of sale excursions, hotel lobbies. Flyers advertising the spare parts for cars, will bring much more effect if giving away or put them at gas stations, parking lots, etc. Leaflets about their products, you can spread out at the exit of the store, where these products are sold.

Abroad often distribute leaflets at public transport stops, where each person can take and vyboat leaflet with interesting information. As the foreign practice, direct mail flyers brings greater effect. In this handout require less, and therefore pay more attention mozhngo quality of its production, make flyers bright and showy, to use a more expensive paper. Try to distribute leaflets, given your target audience – it is possible that it will bring much greater advertising effect.

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